Boudoir Do’s and Dont’s 

Over the past 3-5 years boudoir photography has really become extremely  popular! It’s used for fiancé gifts, Valentine’s, holidays, anniversary, just because! I’ve done about 5-10 this year for women who said they are “doing it for them”. They are hands down my favorites to work!

Make sure when booking your session you are comfortable with your photographer! If you are not completely comfortable, it doesn’t matter how good your photographer is, it will show! Make sure your book with someone your trust, and someone your significant other won’t mind seeing you half naked in front of. I include hair and makeup option for clients! It’s very important part of your overall image. We want you to look and feel your best on your special shoot day.

-You want to have a creative planning session with your photographer. Even if you aren’t sure and want the professional to take lead, make sure you hear some of the ideas. You want to be prepared and know what to expect.

-Don’t put the shoot off because you want to lose weight or tone up! Even the most disciplined person will be waiting too long! If your session is being used as a gift for a significant other, don’t put it off! You are gorgeous and your significant other isn’t going to notice the extra 10 pounds your concerned about. I promise!

-Make sure you invest in lingerie that fits you properly. This is keep to making your best assists stand out. Don’t wait until last minute to shop. You could even up settling for something you don’t love. Don’t wait to cut off the tags when your arrive at the studio. Stick with something classic like black, sheer or lace! Use props to bring out personality!

-Get a professional manicure and pedicure. Make sure they are complimentary to each other. A lot of sexiness throughout a boudoir shoot is within the details.

-Moisturizer,Moisturizer,moisturizer! You should be doing this daily anyway, but escalate the week leading up to your shoot and the day of! Avoid moisturizer with sunscreen protection in it the day of the shoot.

-I always suggest using a professional hair and makeup artist for your shoot. The professional are trained to work with lighting and shadow. If your are using a professional be sure to speak up if you aren’t comfortable with something. Professional artists will not be bothered by you requesting a minor change. If you are choosing to style yourself, be sure to be completely ready when arriving. Don’t be afraid to switch up your hair or lip color of time allows, this will give variety!

-Bring a few outfit options and always extra stockings. You never know when a run will appear and you want to be prepared. Don’t stress about the outfits but have options. Different backdrops work better with variety.

-Bring sexy high heels or thigh high boots. (They can always be returned). If your doing a shoot as an anniversary gift, your wedding shoes may be a nice choice as well. Even if you don’t wear heels, bring them. They have more benefits when shooting boudoir.

-Shave your legs, underarms and anywhere else the night before. If you are waxing these areas, be sure to do so at least 48 hours before.

-Tan! Color looks great on everyone. Spray tans don’t just add color, they camouflage cellulite and blemishes. You don’t need to go crazy but a little color will do wonders. Depending on the time of year be sure to avoid tan lines. I suggest having a nice spray tan about 1-2 days before your shoot. Do not try it for the first time for your shoot! Make sure you have a professionally trained spray technician preform your service!

-Bring your significant others belongings, shirt, tie, helmet, guitar, jacket, ect. This is the time to be creative. Even if you are not sure how to use bring it, your photographer will have ideas! Have fun with this, bring unique clothing, hats, furry items. Any material with textures like fishnets, fur, animal print, latex ect usually photograph very well!

– Don’t drink alcohol the night before your shoot. Alcohol is dehydrating and will shot in your pours! But have some wine while shooting to loosen up! Don’t go overboard!

-Don’t wear tight clothing to your shoot. You don’t want marks and indentation on your skin.

-Don’t worry about a breakout that appears the night before. LEAVE IT ALONE. It can be fixed!

– Don’t stress and have fun!

– Drink lots of water! Avoid things that will make you feel bloated.

Additional tips:

– Fishnets with large diamond holes are slimming on larger legs

-Avoid Glitter

-If you hate your arms, bring a sexy robe or off the shoulder sweater!

– Bring a music soundtrack that gets your pumped up and sets a confident comfortable environment.

-Practice your poses-even if your feel ridiculous doing so. A great go to pose is putting one leg in front of the other, it shows a great feminine curve.


Back to the weight thing… I think it’s the most common thing I hear when talking with someone about a session! If there’s just no way your shooting until you slim down. The few extra pounds are all that’s weighing on your mind… Here are a few helpful things to consider:

-Shoes can lengthen legs. This is especially true with nude shoes and nude stocking or black shoes with black stockings. Make sure you stick with a thinner heel and sole for a more overall slimmer look. Avoid chunky and anything with an angle strap.

-Necklaces trim neck size and chest! Long necklaces elongate your look, especially when paired with a v-neck top or bra. Avoid chokers and short necklaces

-Makeup will help tremendously with shadowing areas. It’s not just used for your face!

-If you plan on using any sort of belts, buckle up and make sure you stay away from anything petite and small! Go for the larger buckles, to define  your waist!



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