Booking Wedding Hair and Makeup

  When planning a wedding everything is done months in advance, this should be no exception for your hair and makeup services too!

After doing weddings for so long, I’ve learned that hair and makeup services are an after thought! It amazes me. You should absolutey book a professional as soon as you can! You dont need to know a year or more in advance exactly what you want to look like, or all the details of the day however your should secure your spot!

Make sure you have a contract with them (just like every other vendor you book).  This helps ease your mind and protects your wedding date! Professionals use contracts to avoid any confusion and delays. It protects your wedding date from being over booked and it protects the professional from holding you date and being stood up! 

When you look back on your wedding years later, all you have are pictures of what you look like! Why not make sure your hair and makeup is one of the priorities when scheduling everything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been contacted to do a wedding a week prior! Thats just crazy to me. You are setting yourself up for possible diaster. 

Hairstylist have such a wide range of skills, make sure the one you are booking for your wedding day look is expirenced in doing weddings! I know that seems crazy, however it does make a difference. Same goes for makeup,  just because someone is amazing at doing their own makeup, or doing yours for a night out doesnt make them qualified as a wedding specialist! Wedding makeup is handled differently. The artist is taking in the consideration that you will be photographed all day long, among other things! 

This is also something to keep in mind when you are doing your trial for these services. If you are someone who doesnt typically wear makeup, you still should have your makeup professionally done! Trust your artist! While you may feel like shes doing a lot, as a professional she will make sure you look “naturally beautiful” while being photographed! Keep that in mind when she asks you about wearing false lashes! Again, years later all you have are those precious photos to look at!

Once you have a venue and date set, book your hair and makeup! Trust me, I am already booking weddings for 2017! It one more thing to check off your list and not think about! It doesn’t mean you need to have a trial 18 months in advance, save that for 4/6 weeks prior! Remember as long as your booking a professional, the trial is for YOU the bride not to see if the professional is capabile! If you are concerned about their ability, you shouldn’t be booking them in the first place! 😉 


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