Contouring and Highlighting! 

Unless you don’t pay mind to anything beauty, you know this year really capitalized on the art of contouring and highlighting! Every major brand released a contour kit complete with different “must have shades”. 

Did you get on the trend? What are some of your favorite kits that have been released? 

The Kardashians and Instagram Famous Makeup Artists really brought this ever so popular trend to a face. The art itself is older than the pop culture trendsetters. Highlighting and contouring is the process of strategically applying makeup to the areas of the face that light would naturally hit and shadows eould naturally fall. 

Usually the contour kits come complete with 3 deeper shades (contour) and 3 lighter shades (highlight). The 3 contour shades range from lighter to deeper and cool to warm. The highlights typically include a frosty color, a yellow toners powder and something with some pinker tones. This is done for diversity of skin tones and needs. 

I try the pallets as they are released. I almost never keep them for personal use. I typically only reach for 2-3 colors out of each pallet which leaves 2-3 color untouched. For me this isn’t worth the money (for personal use). I always transfer the products to my freelance kit! They are much happier living there because all colors are used. I work with all different skin types, tones and ethnicities. While the same color may not be used on everyone, there is absolutey a color available. 

Contouring is meant to bring out your cheekbones. This is achieved by carving out the hollow part of face with a shade darker than your skin tone. You also can customize the contour to your own needs. If you have a larger forehead and wait it to appear smaller, contour around the hairline! 

Contour Hint: stick with matte shades: always avoid shimmery products! 

Highlight is meant to bring attention to a specific area! This will also help the cheek bones pop! If you want your nose to appear a little thinner, highlight down the center to attract the eye and contour the sides! Highlighting really has come a long way this year, with trends like “Strobing” and “baking” ect. 

Whether you are a pro or just trying out some of this Instagram ready trends, remember it’s all about the blur! Harsh lines are never chic! Always start soft and blend blend blend blend blend. It’s better to build up product.   



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