Levels of hair damage

Levels of hair damage!

There are 4 levels of damage the hair can go through:
Cuticular: the lightest form of damage. This is caused by everyday wear and tear on the hair. Flat irons, blow dryers ect.
Moisture loss: the next type of damage. This is expirenced after lightening the hair, or extreme heat stress. When your hair lacks moisture you start to encounter static. This can be prevented by using the proper products during washing. Also, if this something your expirencing try washing your hair less often until your moisture issue is resolved.
Protein: this is the third type of damage your hair could be expirencing. Protein loss would be defined by taking longer to blow dry or finding areas of breakage. This is the last salvageable damage. Once your hair is at this point, you need to totally revamp your hair care routine until you having improvement.
Elasticity loss: this is the final point of damage. The hair can only be truly repaired by cutting it. You will notice a gummy feeling when wet, as well as, stretching with out returning to normal form immediately.

Ten by Alterna is hands down the most amazing moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It’s perfect for any hair that is stressed, dry or damaged. I also would recommend using it leading up to any major color change you may have planned. The proteins and keratins used in the formula help penetrate into the hairs cuticle and mend from the inside out. You want to start correcting any kind of stress on the hair immediately. This product will work phenomenally with the first 3 levels of damage. You want to keep an intense hair regimen until to start to see relief from the stress. The best thing to do is get regular hair cuts and leave your hair as natural as possible until you start to see improvement.


ECRU New York

Ecru New York

ECRU New York creates some of my absolute favorite hair care products. They are paraben free, sulfate free and color safe. ECRU New York combines high quality skincare and cosmetic grade ingredients with the performance of professional haircare.

Silk proteins are used in every product within the collection because they strengthen and improve the integrity of the hair.
Silk proteins are the highest grade protein ingredients. Originally, this ingredient was only used in high-grade skincare, however when applied to hair, silk proteins form a transparent protective film that seals the hair cuticle increasing elasticity, natural shine and further preventing damage to the hair.

The packaging is Ć¼ber cute, so boutique.

ECRU Marine Thickening Balm! This is amazeballs! It’s a hair thickener, best used on fine hair. This is a gel form balm. It has minimal hold and doesn’t weigh the hair down. This is going to give you weightless lift without that fluffy feeling. If you have fine hair you know exactly what that means! Ecru Marine Thickening Balm can be cocktailed with multiple different products. It uses collagen to aid in the plumping of the hair whilst still keeping the cuticle smooth and intact.

ECRU silk nectar serum is hands down the best shine, smoothing serum I have ever used. This cocktails well, to break down any product that may be a little too strong or firm for the style your creating. I use it to smooth my ends, or settle any fly away hairs I have after blow drying. If you suffer from dry hair this is a holy grail savior. Silk Nectar Serum will be perfect in the drying winter months where you suffering from static or the damaging summer months where your fighting that humid sun! This serum works well at the beach to keep your hair feeling smooth and soft in the sand and salt water. It will also act a protection against the elements.

ECRU silk texturizing balm is the absolute best product on the market! Holy Grail! This is the silkiest smoothest texture balm EVER! It can be used to edge up a short style or give a long style seperation. I use it on every hair type for every style I create! The long “beach waves” everyone longs for… Here’s your secret! It allows the perfect amount of seperation while adding shine and hold. You want to create an edgy “piecey” look.., again here’s what’s your in need of! This is perfect to smooth your hair while creating evening styles or that everyday look.

ECRU New York has the idea for the best haircare. It makes total sense to include any skin care products that can be useful to create healthy, youthful hair. You need to start thinking about your hair care as a prescriptive regime as you would for skin. Your hairstylist should be just as important as the dermatologist. Make sure you are comfortable with the person your trusting your hair. Make sure they knowledgable on all elements of hair care. Every style looks better with healthy hair! šŸ’‹